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strained1706Victoria and I were at a book signing in another city a couple of years ago, and there were several hundred people in the line. About midway through the book signing, two women-one in her mid-fifties and the other in her early thirties-stepped up to the table. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Of course, I didn't know what was going on until the older woman began to speak. I found out they were mother and daughter. The mother went on to tell me that they had been estranged and had not spoken to each other for more than thirteen years even though they both lived in that same city. It turned out that each of them watched our weekly program and decided, individually, to come out to the book signing that day. When they saw each other standing in the line, it was as if God just tore down the walls that had kept them apart. All the hurt, all the pain, all the resentment melted away. That evening was a turning point. The mother explained to me how she went through seasons of discouragement, feeling guilty, and feeling like she had failed as a parent. Finally, she decided to give it all to God knowing that only He could turn the situation around. Her prayer was that one day she and her daughter could at least have a cordial relationship. But God did above and beyond what she ever imagined. That evening their relationship was restored and today they're making up for lost time.

Maybe you're dealing with strained relationships with family members. There've been hurts and conflicts. You're not enjoying that other person. Don't make the mistake of just settling where you are and think, "We'll never get along. We're just not compatible." No, keep believing. Keep praying. Keep hoping. Every opportunity that you've missed, every chance that you've blown, all those years you may have wasted, I declare that restoration is coming your way! And if you'll stay in faith, God is not only going to restore, He's going to make up for those lost years.

Joel Osteen